The Perfect Ending

The perfect ending to a three ton mistake
Hangs in the balance with the noose that she made
In my honor
While the luck she stacked beneath my feet
Was collapsing right beside her in the coldest
Persecution winter could have fathomed
She was waiting for my heart to break
And hoping it would shatter
The gracious thing had no intention of serving
Its own purpose
Perhaps clairvoyance could have predicted
The evil that she harnessed
In my favor
With a Bell-Jar wrecking ball tucked in her back pocket

She removed the ropes from
around my throat
The moment that my heart stopped
The perfect ending to a three ton mistake
Resulted in the derelict mess that she made
An intruder whose poison has caused
Enough pain
To move a moment of ravaged restraint
Until its effect begins to take place
And she runs to hide just as quickly as she
Shame cast out to greet her disgrace
And her only regret was exposing
Her face.
Yet I still look to help her
back up to her feet
the perfect repose for the ultimate