After I changed themes, I decided to make my home page the same as my blog page. But, looking at the finished product, I realized that three pages are definitely better than two. So, I had to think of something else to include here. I decided I should turn this page into a family tree, kind of. Here are the people/animals I write about most often. LB (Lindsey Butters) This is my fiancée, LB, with our neighbor’s granddaughter. Cute, right? photo 1 (6) copy And, here she is with our dog, Eddie. My Mom
This is a drawing I made of my mother:

photo 5 (1) copy

I’d say it’s a fair representation of her…

But, this is what she really looks like:

photo 2 (1) copy

My mom cooking dumpling stew and holding our dog, Jack

My Dad
And, this is my dad…and my mom, together:

1014525_138501069685185_1236128185_o This is me and my dad…my mom used some app to “whiten his teeth” and “smooth our skin”…I think she added extra eye lashes too. Who knows: 1900480_222446274623997_1952101716_o My soon to be in-laws (Mrs. Karen and Mr. Rob)
I love Lindsey’s parents like they’re my own:

IMG_0020 Patty Keen (aka PKeen Duck)
This is my bff, Patty, practicing her wave:

photo 5 (1) copy 5 My Brother, Rubes
This is a photo of my brother and two random girls who love him:

1236468_168838563318102_1023847285_n Jackson
And, this is my brother with my nephew, Jackson:

1240219_161183474083611_697929007_n Ethan
And, here is my other nephew, Ethan:

photo 5 (1) copy 2 Lily
This is me with my neice, Lily, on a ride at an amusement park:

photo 2 (1) copy 5 And, this is me with Lily, Emily, and Jackson…watching Super Why photo 3 (1) copy 5 This is LB and Lily with a giant, kick-ass rainbow: photo 4 (1) copy 4 Sam
This is my cousin, Sam, and her fiancée, Suzi:


That’s my buddy George in the background

More Cousins
Here’s a picture of my cousin Sam when she was little, with me and my brother, and our cousin, Rachel:

1658149_232228033645821_1981874369_o Paula
Here’s a picture of my other bff, Paula:

photo 2 (1) copy 2 Samantha (aka Goose)
And, this is her daughter, Samantha:

photo 1 (6) copy 4

We were just trying to take a quick nap

Here’s a picture of my cousin Katie, in a recent movie she starred in (Rapunzel):

photo 5 (1) copy 6 And, Here’s my brother, Rubes, my cousin, Katie, and my cousin, Sam: 1384243_173702036165088_1219352127_n Lori & Vaughn
And, here is a picture of our awesome neighbors, Lori, Vaughn, and some lady….

photo 3 (1) Don C
Here’s my buddy, Don C, with our dog Lee-C (she’s an attention whore):

Wait, and here is a photo of our dog, Jack, imitating Mother Mary:

photo 5 (1) Lee-C, Eddie, and Riley
Here are our other dogs…there are four in total: Khaleesi the Mother of Dragons (aka Lee-C), Eddie-T, and Riley Pig

photo 4 (1) photo 2 (1)photo 1 (6) copy 5 And, just because you are still with me here…here are some random photos of all the people and animals listed above:

photo 4 (1) copy 2



My Mom and LB

photo 4 (1) copy 5

Lee-C Chewing Up Dollar Bills…

photo 3 (1) copy 6

Eddie Watching Himself on TV

photo 2 (1) copy 4

A Huge-Ass Spider That Came Creeping out of My New Garden Tire

photo 1 (6) copy 3

LB Wearing Footy Pajamas, I begged her not to put them on…so this is sort of her fault.

photo 3 (1) copy


photo 4 (1) copy

Mom and LB, Coloring on the Table at a Restaurant

photo 3 (1) copy 3

Me and Jackson Making a Wish

Patty's birthday

Patty’s Birthday

photo 3 (2)

LB and Lee-C Deer Watching

Don C opening his Christmas presents

Don C Opening His Christmas Presents


Dad, Rubes, and Mom

Riley-Pig and Jack-Do with their bandana's

Riley-Pig and Jack-Do with Their Bandana’s

Eddie-T with his bandana

Eddie-T with His Bandana

Me and Ethan

Me and Ethan

Me and Rubes

Me and Rubes

Sappho (aka Kiwi, Chloe, Kittie, and Bunny Terminator)

Sappho (aka Kiwi, Chloe, Kittie, and Bunny Terminator)


LB in My Mom’s Wedding Dress

photo 1 (6)

Our Neighbors Dancing in the Driveway!

photo (1)

And, Me as Sherlock Holmes, Just for Good Measure.

“I woke up one morning thinking about wolves and realized that wolf packs function as families. Everyone has a role, and if you act within the parameters of your role, the whole pack succeeds, and when that falls apart, so does the pack.” -Jodi Picoult


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