Dropping in on Autism: One Family’s Struggle with ASD & SPD

This post is very special to me. It’s about my best friend Paula and her two-year-old autistic daughter, Samantha. Complications with her insurance company have made it nearly impossible for Sam to get the treatment she needs. We have started a … Continue reading

The iPad Doesn’t Fall Far from the Charger

I had to get glasses today. Well, actually, I went to the eye doctor last week, because I was having trouble focusing at work. But, I picked them up today. So, now I have to worry about my brain and my eyes … Continue reading

Bob, the Clock Man: “Been there, Done that, Have the T-Shirt”

Meet Bob: the Irish story teller, master clock repairman, school-bus-driver, and Loyola graduate with a wife named Kathy and two pugs named “Oliver”, and “Pugsy Malone”. As a young man, he served time in the U.S. Navy during the Cuban Missile … Continue reading



My Dad, super cute, super awesome…. just, super.