I am a technical writer and editor with a passion for life and a propensity to learn. I am seemingly attracted to all things adverse to me, and I have developed a small obsession with things that are cute and furry. As luck would have it, most animals seem to have an innate fear of me; I have been known to strike the fear of humans into an otherwise sensible hamster.

That being said, I am also an ex-teacher turned professional writer, artist, musician, and lover of dogs. I spill orange soda and miso soup into my keyboard, trip over pebbles in the road, and pet stray cats in strange countries.

I’ve spent the past five years searching for a picket fence of a different variety. As a young adult, my life was wildly exciting and unusually outrageous. But, over time, I began to realize that my ambition  changed focus ,and my aspirations were taking on the form of a humble repose. I suppose I was in search of a different kind of adventure—albeit the contradiction of adventure altogether—and I think I’ve finally found it.

Now, I live in an old house with a border collie who can open the fridge and bring you a beer and a deaf and blind double merle I call Momma. It’s not what it used to be, but there’s certainly never a dull moment. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. From catastrophe to mediocrity with no certainty: these are the adventures of my anti-mid-life-crisis…and the animals I’ve picked up along the way.


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  1. chasing kitties…ha..ha..that is a good one. Poor fluffies! Well, you gotta chase something in your life – either white picket fences or mediocrity. If you don’t chase and sit and wait, you will still die as that is the ultimate destination of ours. Might as well make a use out of yourself and things around you. Drums, scooters, cats, dogs, cigarettes…music silence…what a ride! Way to go girl!

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    • Haha…it definitely helps to have a little validation! Thanks for checking in and for the back up! When I catch the fluffies, I don’t hurt them…I’m like Elmira. I just kiss them and hug them and love them forever and ever…lol. And I really did crash the scooter. I have mad road rash scars. :)


    • Hahahahah that’s true! My mom once asked me “Why do you want to be mediocre?” Lol. And, it’s not that I wanted to be mediocre. I just wanted the things that other people sometimes take for granted. Now, I can appreciate what it means to live in a world that is peaceful and calm…but, still, mediocrity does seem to evade me:( thanks for commenting!


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