Viva Con-Expo!

I am in Las Vegas for work. It’s nice to go places and get paid for it. And, I’m staying at the MGM Grand, which is massive. They sent me here for the Con-Expo trade show, along with the sales team and engineers, to learn more about the industry and so I can write about it later. The show itself is also massive, so it’s seriously overwhelming. Since I’ve been here, I’ve gotten lost in my hotel twice…and cried; learned how to be a safe crane operator, which is not interesting; gambled and lost 18 dollars; chased a kitten out of the road on the strip; and choked on my cheese platter on the airplane.

When I arrived at the hotel, before getting lost, I was wearing my pajamas. I thought normal people traveled in comfort…but I guess that’s just me? Walking into the hotel, I was surrounded by the entire cast of the Jersey Shore and members of the mafia… I think. I looked like a homeless person, wearing pjs and boots and carrying a frazzled kitten through the golden entrance…hair sticking up, luggage half dismantled…the hotel staff blocking my path…”Wait, what do you mean I have to leave the cat outside?” There’s plenty of room in that hotel room people. I’m serious. Day two and I’m ready to go home. But, at least I made it to the show on time:) (Update: I love roulette, and I won 450 dollars. I have no complaints. Except that I wish I could take a quantum leap back to Philadelphia. Not looking forward to the five hour plane ride home today.)




MGM Grand in Las Vegas

MGM Grand in Las Vegas



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