Live, Love, and Bark…Barefoot

  • I rarely wear shoes…if at all…
  • If I must wear shoes they are motorcycle boots
  • I am not–in the least bit–afraid of germs
  • I stir my coffee at work with a pen; my co-workers think it’s disgusting
  • I love herding dogs, probably because they are full of energy and prone to insanity
  • I would eat at Ruby Tuesday everyday if I could… Hmm.. I guess I could….
  • I tend to be obtuse in my written communications
  • I do, however, prefer authors who are put off by extensive wordiness
  • I make a living as a technical writer for a company that manufactures cranes and fall protection
  • I had never, until recently, even heard of a gantry crane
  • I value the second amendment
  • My neighbor carries not one but two guns when she walks around the graveyard
  • I assure you I won’t talk about politics on this blog…. mostly
  • I may still, however, offend you…
  • I can not watch Investigation Discovery (channel 111) because I have an addictive personality
  • And, I feel sorry for psychopaths
  • I wish there were an infinite playlist in the foreground of my life
  • I have two major fears: going to hell and witnessing a tsunami
  • I cut off all my hair with craft scissors when my life feels out of control
  • But, I haven’t had to cut my hair in a very long time
  • I organize my books from most to least favorite
  • I want to live on the beach in North Carolina and grow my own food… incidentally the two don’t go hand in hand
  • I often day-dream about taking an extended sabbatical in a hallowed out tree in Alaska
  • I appreciate shock value as an integral part of changing social norms
  • I consider myself a hillbilly without a proper hill-dwelling domain
  • Hillbillies are born, rednecks are made
  • I prefer stout, cabernet, and scotch to pilsener, pinot grigio, or chocolate martinis
  • I believe the statement “you are what you drink” has greatly contributed to my acquired taste
  • It annoys me when people mispronounce the word Smithwicks
  • It annoys me even more when a bartender serves an Irish coffee with Baileys and/ or Kahlua
  • My hillbilly family refers to me as a Greek Hillbilly. My Greek family just refers to me as Greek
  • My two grandmothers were the most influential people in my life
  • I am envious of those people who knew their grandfathers
  • I tend to befriend people twice my age
  • I don’t like the word crazy…
  • There are two kinds of people in the world, those who don’t often place judgement on others and those who judge them for it
  • Virgo is my least favorite zodiac sign…
  • My mother, brother, grandmother and “God-sister” are all Virgos
  • Every relationship I have ever had with a Virgo has been a total disaster
  • I had never, until recently, dated an Aries
  • I love my Aries
  • I am a Leo…therefore I am awesome
  • Not to be confused with Sagittarius…
  • My dad is a Sagittarius
  • I have four dogs
  • Three is probably too many
  • I wish I had five
  • I want another Border Collie named Kahl Drago
  • I live in a farm-house with a herd of dogs, a beautiful cat, and my favorite person in the world
  • It has become a sanctuary
  • My cat is like the bunny terminator
  • I named my Aussie after Kahleesi, the mother of dragons
  • She looks like autumn
  • I have a fetish for horror movies, particularly those involving demon possession
  • I do not want to be possessed by or come into contact with a demon of any sort… ever
  • Yes, I loved paranormal activity
  • I named my border collie Edward after the black prince
  • I named my Maltese Louie after the King of England
  • I lost that one in a custody battle with my ex…who was, incidentally, a Pisces
  • Pisces are insane
  • Insane is not the same as crazy
  • I want three boys but I will probably have three girls because God doesn’t take requests and the X chromosome is not a determining factor
  • I love satire
  • They say satire is the lowest form of humor… I believe that’s sarcastic
  • I read short stories by Edgar Allen Poe and Ernest Hemingway when I have writer’s block
  • One of my favorite books is Catcher in the Rye
  • Someone recently told me that only serial killers love that book
  • I am not a serial killer but that is probably because I am not a Pisces
  • Just kidding
  • I am not a crier but that is probably because I am not a Virgo
  • Not kidding
  • I have developed a new obsession with outlaw country and rock-a-billy
  • I want to start a Shovels and Rope cover band
  • I like the South but I can’t live in a red state
  • Correction. I won’t live in a red state
  • I guess that means North Carolina is off the table
  • I said I would not discuss politics
  • I love you for reading this ridiculous list
  • And boy do I love making lists

6 thoughts on “Live, Love, and Bark…Barefoot

  1. Your dogs are fabulous. I’m a Virgo and I know a lot of Virgos’ (many in my own family) and we NEVER cry. We don’t even hang around with people who DO cry. My daughter (a Virgo), went to the movies with her friend, who started crying, and she told her that if she ever did that again she would never go anywhere with her. We Don’t cry. Just clarifying that. If you know weeping Virgos’ then you know all of them, because there aren’t any in the Chicago area and I have never seen one do it myself:) Hmmm, if every relationship you’ve had with a Virgo was a disaster, maybe it’s not the Virgo’s :) LOLOLOL Virgos’ are tough and way cool.

    I agree, possession would be a BAD thing! A very bad. I would be interested in how long you were able to live in a hollowed out tree in Alaska. It’s cold and you might want to think about doing it in Florida or California instead, but hey, some people like cold weather. :) If you go, don’t take the dogs because they look like they are used to comfort and warmth…LOL Too funny. I can see them huddled around the tree, shivering and dreaming of home. You have to watch out for Polar Bears, as well. But some bears like dogs, as friends. Hard to know until you meet one but it might be too late by then. Well, thanks for the fun:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha I am only kidding about the Virgos. Mostly everyone I love is a Virgo. There’s only one I can’t stand and she cried about EVERYTHING. As for Chicago, I love it there and I’m sure all the Chicagoian Virgos are fabulous. I think Eddie would love Alaska, but I think you are right about the other three. I wouldn’t make it longer than a week actually. But, on a side note, Lee-C’s mom, Boomer, saved her owner’s life from a bear a few months ago. That’s pretty awesome! And, thank you for the fun! All of your blogs are fun…and your comments too:)



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