You Know You Love Herding Dogs When…

  • You have not one, but multiple herders co-inhabiting your home.

My border collie, Eddie, and my Aussie, Lee-C

  • Your dogs are like four-legged barometers with an innate hatred for thunder and lightning.
  • An entire month’s worth of newspapers are lined up in your back yard.
  • Your Australian Shepherd thinks it is her job to lasso the other dogs by their leashes and strut them around the neighborhood.
  • There are large befallen tree branches strategically placed by each exit of your home.
  • You wake up to find  one or both dogs staring at you.
  • You wake up to find one or both dogs sleeping on top of you.

Me and Eddie

  • You cannot walk down the stairs without your Aussie pacing you.
  • You are becoming more and more leery of strangers.
  • You often find your Border Collie securing the parameters of the yard on grizzly bear watch.
  • Your front yard looks like an excavation site.
  • You dream of one day owning sheep for your dogs to herd.
  • You decide to buy a more appropriate form of transportation… for your dogs.


  • You ask your border collie to get the front door when your hands are full.
  • You can’t move five feet without the Aussie tracking your every move.
  • Most of your favorite pants have tiny holes in the legs and ankles.
  • Your shower is laden with tennis balls.
  • You have taught your border collie to “act like a wolf.”
  • You religiously follow the same path each time you take a walk.
  • You find yourself mindlessly tossing a frisbee while eating, sleeping, and watching TV.
  • The BC can (and has) answered your phone.
  • You have to hide when you open the garage door so your BC doesn’t figure out how to open to press the button.
  • You artfully avoid the phrase, “want to go for a ride?” Or words such as “drive” or “car”.
  • You own more tennis balls than socks without holes.
  • You take up sign language when your dog learns to spell.
  • Vacuuming the house requires precise planning.
  • Brooms and Swiffers look like old chew toys.
  • Your BC knows how to retrieve all of your other dogs…. by name.
  • He also knows how to retrieve all of your shoes…by name.
  • You find yourself zigzagging like a shark when you take the Aussie for a walk.
  • Your Aussie tries to rearrange the furniture the moment you turn your head.
  • Your idea of the perfect day is hiking with two dogs off their leashes or romping around in the snow throwing frozen sticks.

Throwing sticks

  • You avoid eye contact with your dog when you take him outside.
  • The neighbor’s pool toys are all deflated in your front yard.
  • The kids in your neighborhood are no longer interested in playing football anywhere near your home.
  • You constantly catch your dogs watching TV…for hours.
Eddie is sooo smart

Eddie is sooo smart

  • You (defensively) google phrases like “world’s smartest dog” to prove to those less-fortunate dog owners that your dogs really are superior.
  • You would rather stay home with the dogs than go out on the weekends.
  • Staying home for vacation requires far more energy than packing up the car and actually going anywhere.
  • Your family can’t bring their little ones over because they are tired of being herded.
  • The lawn mower is the most dangerous thing you own.
  • You clip cartoons about herding dogs and hang them on the refrigerator.
  • Helicopters and airplanes are regarded with the same intensity as flying sheep.
  • Your neighbor–who the dogs regard as the only other worthy and acceptable human in the world–has to come over to protect the FedEx guy from being herded the entire way up the driveway.
  • You lie in bed at night looking at pictures of all the little herders out there who need a home…and then you cry.
  • This is your idea of true happiness:


  • You take more pictures of your dogs than your significant other…


  • You are convinced that they are the most beautiful pictures anyone has ever taken…ever.


  • And, they are.

9 thoughts on “You Know You Love Herding Dogs When…

    • Hi Steve. I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about where the card came from. I apologize. It’s an awesome card! Thanks for allowing me to use the picture for my personal site. I will change the caption to give you credit:)

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  1. dogs include And Fantastic i affection dogs so that much.
    Dogs be me smile We want calmly to have care which were a lot more dogs.

    Appreciate on you dogs. DOGS really are great!



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