Confessions of Mediocrity #2

To tell you the truth, the truth is tricky business. But this thing I’ve got going on is all about confessions and since I’m way outside the bounds of mediocrity at the moment, I suppose honesty truly is the best, however tricky, policy. I’m in Miami, Florida and although I had originally intended to stay for a month, I’m extending my stay for another thirty days…or who knows, maybe more. God works in mysterious ways. It’s true that I’m able to be happy and suffer simultaneously. It’s also true that my scrap journaling skills have reached an all time high. But best of all, it’s the God’s honest truth that I woke from a deep sleep just a few nights ago and felt compelled to lift the blinds from the window to look outside. Once I did, I watched a meteor shower light up the clouds and felt more mediocre than I have in a very, very long time. 


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