First Morning

The delirious wake of rising heat pours the morning sunlight out over the sheets and the tide of night gives way to its passing, like a deep sea of darkness strangely unraveling (around us. )The dawn of day aches to invade the window pane that floats above her bed, and it is only a moment before we’re swimming in it… jarred by the pain of total consciousness. Still, she smiles like the radiant sunrise unfolding between us has given her everything she’s ever wanted

And she is mine

She moves over me, a deliberate affect, and stops with a long holding stare before she passes my eyes like a gilded flickering light. Somehow she staves off the gravity that pulls at ME, and I am rushing headlong in total, unfettered want. I pummel toward my own vicarious and reckless thoughts, yet she demonstrates a royal vigilance that makes it almost unbearable to let the day light in and settle for her “good morning” kiss.

It suites me, none the less to poignantly play along; it is her sovereign authority to assert dominion over me, after all.  But it isn’t long before she can’t stave off the salacious thoughts, nor can she avoid the intrusive winter air that entreats her to come crashing into me with shaky fingertips and a mouthful of kisses… even her words come out uninhibited

And aching

She fits into this picture like a monarch successor, a beautiful gift at the end of so much suffering. I listen to her speak and she says my name like she chose it…hanging on to every last syllable until the letters melt into my heart; she is the world as I see it, a stunning monument of unexpected contentment, for the first time in so long…

I am speechless.


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