Our greatest leaders, thinkers, and contributors are often classified somewhere between rebel and revolutionary; the answers to our most difficult questions remain unseen because we struggle to look between the two opposite sides of the spectrum. Our world is convoluted and evolving. Nothings comes from all good or all bad, all black or all white, all none or all some. We spend our lives constantly seeking the perfect balance of love and achievement, yet we look to chaos to give our life meaning.
The search for mediocrity begins with conflict and ends with simplicity. The task at hand is a self-fulfilled prophecy: to extend the circumstances of my life beyond the impact of my own attributes. The past doesn’t always predict the future and the dichotomy of my age and personal extension has compelled me to rethink the model I have chosen to live by. Somewhere between the far reaching corners of our existence lies the safety of mediocrity. In the end, chaos is merely an after-thought, while balance is the primary factor that motivates good choices. But the path to mediocrity is filled with inconsistencies and although balance itself may result in personal fulfillment, it is not what makes life interesting. While I move beyond each fluid stage in my life, I am inclined to observe and analyze the dramatic events that have occurred along the way. I am constantly motivated and inspired by the inner-workings of my life, those details  which I refer to as the subtle doses of taboo mediocrity. Understanding the conflicts that reside in and around is the first step towards mastering the art of simplicity.


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