Lions on the Forefront of Desire

My hands are stamped,
my ears invaded;
though I waged a battle
against this fixation –
the other side is beautifully
Against me.

Her favor is no crime, I know,
but I lost control this time
(to her)
And she is ravenous in her
to keep me for herself.

We met under cover,
held up by the rain –
and conceived of our meeting
for several days.
I was fully condemned
to the taste
of her lips
from the very first moment
that we ever spent

There I could be
so near the one thing
that for once
and for all
left me

I breathed in
the humid –
radiant beauty,
penetrated by
a thunderous cloud –
her warm, wistful smile
was ripped straight from
the hour
that I stole
from inside of her.

She left the allure,
of her translucent
to undo my nerves
in the bed
there beside her;
and I could only
seek to converge,
as I found myself
entranced by her,
lest remain aloof –
to entice her body
to move,
yet even an inch away
is too far.

She bestowed me,
her warmth,
with a feverish smile –
incited my fear,
like a dramatic
child –
I choked on the thought,
of the inconceivable loss
I would have to endure,
the moment I had to
let go of her.

How can I describe
the venomous eyes,
that ventured to
the shameless demise –
of the benefactor
of my useless

How can I refute
the perfect selflessness,
that longingly resides –
in the simplicity
of her touch?
Presumptuous, yes,
yet she easily caressed
the unnerving restlessness
that might otherwise
carry me away.

I was instantly undone,
the moment I saw her –
remiss of myself,
with out a moment to
allude my cascading
My mind fell slow,
with my purpose renewed,
like a constant transfusion
of reigning thoughts.

I must be a shameless
child of God;
she must be the one
to have built this façade.
And how quickly it was built!
If I could blindly tattoo myself,
to be the one that she
prefers most –
I would replicate
the feeling she loves,
and resurrect a cathedral
for us –
to pledge my tenacious love.

I have already found the
perfect resolve,
to simply avoid
the universe –
as it exists solely
with in her walls.
To consort with the world
means her hands will not be –
somehow in close
to the surface of my skin.
And  I
can say with impious
that the smell of her hair
is worth my
grave indifference,
to the rest of
human existence.

She tells me that she is
inevitably sure –
that I will fall in love
with her,
and I struggle every night
to confine,
the staggering sense of
that is most certainly

Yes  I pay for my pride –
with the currency of time,
that which I waste in trying
to hide…
myself away.
Such a price will indeed
yield the unwavering,
resolution to constrain
and yet,
she fully controls
my humble resolve.

The moment I catch
a glance of her,
I know that she will
quickly infer
the purpose of my
childish demure
as it BEGINS and ENDS
with her,
like a lion
on the
forefront of the desire
we dare not
ever speak of –
she discretely conspires
to sweetly devour
my heart as it is
entombed in my chest
vying to steal –
the last beat
from it –
with a thin jagged edge
wiped clean
through the flesh,
she smears my fate
across her face,
taking care to consume
every last
little piece
of my love.


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