Dreams of a Ne’er-do-well

“How does desolate sound tonight?”

It must be the future that seems so grim

I ask, “what could warrant such isolation?”

She flashes a wintry grin.


It’s do or die, my friend, I’m dead!

I have done nothing to suffice-

A contribution so utterly bleak-

It leaves me without a voice!


Maybe the translation will fend

Better in my head…

But my ego snarls, so I will wait until tomorrow-

To hear from her again.


How quickly I can walk away;

How hard it is to stay apart-

If only she could see the letters

I’ve got scoured upon my heart.


Perhaps I’m innocent- an overall victim;

Perhaps I happened onto that scene.

A last minute accident, I placed that call,

Now the number one suspect is me.


I’ve got my hands above my head-

Shipped out my own heart in a body bag.

I must have confessed when I passed that test,

But it’s ‘do or die’ now, my friend.


She must have believed I wasn’t serious,

My desires an impulsive whim.

But God knows I desire- with my entire-

And all I’ve got left now is Him.


I wish I could reach out and pull her,

Into my lap again…

To feel her linger, her physical demeanor,

Wavering above my skin.


I wish I could climb into her thick-head,

Flip through her most private-thoughts.

But perhaps now I’m dreaming- peaceful & sleeping,

Not long till she wakes me up…


A kiss in the face, she moves me to wake,

With perfectly embellished lips-

If I am a suspect, then place me in prison;

God knows that I’m already trapped.


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